Czech Glass Society organize in 2016, the 16th Conference on electric glass melting. This technology began in the Czech glassmaking in year 1961 and spread rapidly to almost all Czech glassworks, so the majority of utility and technical glass is melted all-electric, glass containers with electric boost.

During these 50 years, had to deal with many technological and scientific problems arising from the introduction of electricity into the glass melt and problems of economic because electricity produced by conventional power plants requires 2.5 -3 times more primary energy than its direct use in glassworks.

The current global boom in construction of wind and photovoltaic power plants (installed capacity of 370 GW) is a great source of energy with zero carbon footprint without affecting the environment.

Because electric melting has the following distinct advantages

The conference will address the current state of electric melting

Preparatory committee welcomes abstracts on these topics to March 31, 2016. (


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